Post-Publication Discussions and Corrections

Quantitative Economics and Management Studies (QEMS) is committed to preserving the scholarly articles it publishes to ensure their long-term availability and accessibility. To achieve this, QEMS employs multiple archiving services, including Portal Garuda, while also adhering to the principles of the Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (LOCKSS) initiative under official agreements and the use of free plugins.

The Indonesia Publication Index (IPI, forerly Portal Garuda Indonesian Publication Index) digitally preserves a full copy of the content this journal. The digital archives accessible through the Garba Rujukan Digital (GARUDA) Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia.

This journal uses the LOCKSS and CLOCKSS systems to create a distributed filing system among participating libraries and allows these libraries to create permanent journal archives for preservation and restoration purposes.

Compliance and Review

QEMS regularly reviews and monitors its archiving policies and practices to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with the evolving standards of digital preservation. The journal remains committed to providing enduring access to its publications and will continue to explore new archiving solutions to enhance its preservation efforts.