Ethical Oversight

Quantitative Economics and Management Studies (QEMS) aims to maintain the highest standards of intellectual property protection and ethical publishing practices. This policy outlines the journal's guidelines on copyright, publishing licenses, costs associated with publishing, prepublication considerations, plagiarism, and redundant/overlapping publication. The journal follows the Core Practices outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Copyright and Publishing Licenses

Authors who submit their work to QEMS retain copyright of their articles while granting the journal the non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, and distribute the article under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) license. This license allows readers to share and adapt the work non-commercially, provided proper attribution is given and any resulting derivative works are distributed under the same license.

Publication Costs

QEMS follows an open access model that allows unrestricted access to its content. There is no costs of publication, the journal will not charge article processing fees. Please check our fees information.

Prepublication Considerations

QEMS considers manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere. Prepublication in any form, including preprint servers, personal websites, or institutional repositories, may preclude consideration by the journal. However, presenting research findings at conferences or posting preprints on preprint servers will not necessarily disqualify the manuscript, provided that it does not constitute prior formal publication nor identical documents.


Plagiarism, in any form, is strictly prohibited by QEMS. Authors must ensure that their submitted work is original and properly cited, giving appropriate credit to the sources. The editorial board employs plagiarism detection software (Turnitin) to identify any instances of potential plagiarism during the review process. The manuscript with a similarity score of more than 25% will be automatically rejected. Click here for more about Plagiarism and Retraction Policy.

Redundant/Overlapping Publication

QEMS does not consider manuscripts that substantially overlap with previously published works. Authors should not submit a manuscript that has been published, accepted for publication, or is under review elsewhere. Republishing a previously published work without proper acknowledgment or justification will be considered redundant publication and is not allowed.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

Authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could be perceived to influence the research, its analysis, or interpretation. Such conflicts may include financial interests, affiliations, or personal relationships that could compromise the impartiality and credibility of the work. QEMS encourages full transparency in these disclosures.

Review of the Policy

QEMS will periodically review and update this policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with best practices in intellectual property protection and ethical publishing. Any revisions to this policy will be communicated to authors and made publicly available on the journal's website.