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Quantitative Economics and Management Studies (QEMS) is committed to promoting transparency and scientific rigor in scholarly research. This policy outlines the journal's approach to data availability and encourages the use of reporting guidelines and registration of clinical trials and other study designs according to standard practices in their discipline should this kind of data are exist/used in the manuscripts. The journal follows the Core Practices outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Data Availability

ASCI encourages authors to make all data underlying their research findings fully available and accessible to readers. Authors should provide detailed information about the data collection process, methodology, and analysis to allow for reproducibility and verification of the results. In certain cases, ASCI would request access to the raw data if needed.

For Quantitative Research:

Authors should deposit datasets in reputable data repositories or provide a link to the data in the article. If data cannot be made publicly available due to ethical or legal constraints, authors should clearly explain the reasons and provide a mechanism for ASCI and its readers to request access to the data.

For Qualitative Research:

Authors should provide detailed descriptions of the data sources and methods used in the research. They should also consider providing excerpts or representative examples of data to support the research findings.

Reporting Guidelines

ASCI encourages authors to adhere to relevant reporting guidelines specific to their study design. Following these guidelines enhances the clarity and completeness of research reporting, making it easier for readers, reviewers, and editors to evaluate the research and facilitating the reproducibility of the study.

Clinical Trial Registration

For clinical trials and other study designs that involve human participants, authors should register their studies in appropriate clinical trial registries before participant enrollment. ASCI follows the principles outlined in the World Health Organization (WHO) International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) and supports the registration of clinical trials according to international standards.

Reproducibility and Verification

ASCI values the importance of reproducibility in research. Authors should provide sufficient details in their manuscripts, including the methodology, protocols, and analytical approaches, to enable other researchers to reproduce the study findings.

Data Citation

Authors should properly cite the datasets and sources used in their research to give appropriate credit and facilitate data attribution. Data citations should be included in the reference list following standard citation formats.

Compliance Check

ASCI's editorial board and peer reviewers will assess the adherence to this data and reproducibility policy during the manuscript evaluation process. Authors may be asked to provide additional information or clarifications regarding data availability and reporting guidelines.

Review of the Policy

ASCI will periodically review and update this policy to align with evolving best practices in data sharing, reporting, and reproducibility. Any revisions to this policy will be communicated to authors and made publicly available on the journal's website.